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Veles Farming founders

At Veles Farming, our mission transcends traditional agriculture. We passionately combine the best of nature with advanced technology, cultivating premium crops in regions once thought improbable, and pioneering new horizons in agricultural innovation. Our dedication is clear: we aim to provide our customers with exceptional products directly from our farms while consistently pushing the boundaries with partnership-driven progress, with an emphasis on minimizing our environmental footprint.

Shaping the future of agriculture through innovation and collaboration.

The process behind vertical farming

In our facilities, a small indoor area is transformed into a flourishing agricultural zone, rivaling the capacity of much larger traditional farms. Our focus is on high-density, sustainable cultivation, where saffron bulbs are nurtured to their full potential. This leap in efficiency stems from our sophisticated automated systems, which precisely control the growing environment. This innovation significantly reduces labor needs and ensures quality. We strike a harmonious balance between amplifying production and upholding the utmost standards of crop excellence.

Our compliance with SDG

Closely aligning with global sustainability goals, Veles Farming proudly upholds Sustainable Development Goals compliance in all our agricultural endeavors.

SDG goal 2
SDG goal 3
SDG goal 7
SDG goal 8
SDG goal 9
SDG goal 11
SDG goal 12
SDG goal 13
SDG goal 17

Our team

Miroslav Hronček

Miroslav Hronček

Co-Founder | CEO
Miroslav Hronček

Viktor Kulcsár

Co-Founder | COO
Miroslav Hronček

Davide Celentano

Farm manager
Miroslav Hronček

Milan Fila

Business development
Miroslav Hronček

Gerard Nijsee

Business advisor
Miroslav Hronček

Martin Poledna

Strategic advisor | Investor
Miroslav Hronček

Ardalan Ghilavizadeh

Agricultural consultant


The roadmap

Q4 2022

Pre-seed round

Completed pre-seed funding round to kickstart our vision.

Q4 2023

Pilot plant

Validating our technology at scale after successful prototyping.

Q1 2024

ISO 3632 certification

Aiming to achieve ISO 3632 certification at the highest standard.

Q2/Q3 2024

New markets entry

Expanding into Cosmetics/ Pharma markets to meet growing demand.


Full Automatisation

Fully automating through robotics and AI for increased efficiency and reduced labour.

our products

The products that exemplify our dedication to quality, innovation, and sustainability.

Veles Farming invites you to experience this exquisite symbol of our dedication. See firsthand how our commitment to quality, forward-thinking innovation, and eco-conscious farming practices comes to life in our saffron. Join us in this journey of taste and sustainability!

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